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Proper Golf Stance For Each Club
(Simple Guide)

Every golfer has, at least once, wished their game was the same every time.

If you are a golfer, you must agree that the pleasure of standing at the same spot for each shot, swinging the clubs in the same direction, and playing the same course every time is something every player yearns for.

But would the sport be as exciting if it were this easy?

I think not! Golf is a challenging sport.

The players are constantly thriving to adapt their games to the clubs they hold and the shot they are playing.

But one thing that can help every golfer play their best game is their stance.

What’s that? You don’t know much about golf stance?

Fret not! In this article, we have listed the proper golf stance for each club.

So, continue reading to learn all about the basic fundamentals of a proper golf stance so that you hit the ball like a pro every time.

Is Golf Stance That Important?

Let’s start this discussion by addressing the most typical question we get asked by golf enthusiasts – “is stance important in golf?”

The most straightforward answer is ‘Yes!’

To take your golf swing with enough power at the appropriate angle, you need to get your posture and alignment ideal.

It makes no sense to swing your club back if you don’t maintain the appropriate stance.

Proper golf stance assists golfers in aligning the clubface and efficiently utilizing the forgiveness in each club.

Moreover, the correct posture offers you the power to hit the ball and manage the shot’s path.

Professional golfers consider setup and stance the most critical aspects of their game.

As the famous PGA pro golfer Jack Nicklaus himself stated:

“If you line up correctly, there is a fair chance you’ll hit a reasonable shot, even with a lousy swing.”

In short, if you improve your golf stance, you will see an improvement in your game. 

Additionally, you will enjoy the experience instead of worrying about the game.

Do You Need to Change your Stance for Each Club?

Okay, we get it – a golf stance is essential for golf as the golf ball is for the game! 

But is it mandatory for the players to change their stance for each club?

Each club has a varied stance, with the driver having a wider stance and the irons having a narrower stance.

Some players adjust their distance from the ball with each club, but it’s easiest just to shift your stance.

So, whether or not you have to change your stance with each club depends on your playing clubs.

For example, if you are transitioning from striking a driver to hitting a putter, you will have to change your stance.

 If you don’t, you wouldn’t be able to make the best hit.

But if you are shifting from a six-iron to a seven, you wouldn’t have to worry much about changing your golf stance.

Proper Golf Stance for a Driver

Golfers who want to get the ball as close to the green as possible will find themselves using the driver. 

Also known as 1-Wood, the driver belongs to the wood category of golf clubs.

It is one club that all golfers should have before hitting the course regardless of skill level.

So, what is the proper stance for a driver? Here is the procedure to achieve the appropriate stance for a driver club:

Step 1: Set your Feet in the Optimum Position

Setting your feet correctly when using a driver is the first step toward a decent posture.

As you approach the golf ball, make sure you are in an athletic stance with your feet about shoulder-width apart and that your weight is evenly distributed on each foot.


Step 2: Ball Placement

Align your body to catch the golf ball with the heel of your left foot (right-handed players) or the heel of your right foot (left-handed players).

This will ensure that the ball is hit slightly on the upswing, giving it extra distance and aiding in its flight.


Step 3: Maintain a Relaxed Grip on the Club

The next step is to maintain a comfortable grip on the driver.

A relaxed grip allows the club to roll around in your hands readily.

If you have a sturdy grip on your driver, you’re probably trying to swing too hard, which might lose your distance and accuracy off the tee.

Relaxed Grip on the Club

Step 4: Get your Posture Right

It is critical to be “square” with the target to make a planned hit using a driver.

Being square with the aim means that your feet and shoulders should parallel the target line.

To verify your alignment, place a golf club on the ground between your toes and go behind the ball to double-check your aim.

How to Ensure that You Have Maintained the Proper Stance for a Driver Club?

Posture Right

To determine if you maintain the proper driver stance, check the distance between your feet. 

Your feet shouldn’t be any wider than your shoulder width.

Some golfers have a habit of overestimating the width of their stance, which makes it challenging to release the golf ball.

It isn’t easy to transfer your weight when your stance is wide.

A Common Driver Stance Error and How it Affects their Play

One of the common blunders golfers make while maintaining their driver stance is failing to properly place the ball near the left heel.

You will find it challenging to hit the ball on the upswing if you place the golf ball in the middle of your stance.

Moreover, when you hit the ball harder on the downswing, you wouldn’t be able to achieve the maximum distance, completely doing away with the purpose of your driver club.

Proper Stance for Fairway Woods

Fairway woods clubs give you two benefits. 

They help lift the ball off the turf and over low obstacles such as hills through their higher lofts.

Secondly, their shallower face height allows golfers to strike a ball using the club’s center. 

This results in longer distances.

Follow these steps to achieve the perfect stance for fairway woods clubs:

Step 1: Ball Position

To achieve the proper stance with a fairway wood club, you must place the ball between your driver and mid-iron positions.

So, the ball should neither be opposite to your left heel nor in the middle of your stance, instead of in the front of your stance.

This placement will allow you to hit the ball somewhat lower, allowing the club’s loft to do its work.

Ball Position

Step 2: Align Properly

When swinging the fairway woods, proper alignment is crucial. 

To correctly swing a fairways wood club, you need to keep your shoulders square.

This allows you to beat the ball with a flatter angle of attack, which helps you achieve a well-struck shot when combined with the ball position.

Align Properly

Step 3: Swing Smoothly

Many players believe that they must make more vigorous swings to get the ball up in the air with a fairway wood club.

Although speedier clubhead speeds cause the ball to travel further, extra effort merely leads to mis-hits after a certain point.

Swinging with a smooth rhythm and only as fast as you can comfortably handle the club is the best technique to increase your fairway wood club head’s speed.

A good strike accomplishes more than swiping the ball uncontrollably.

Swing Smooth

How to Ensure that You Have Maintained the Proper Stance for a Fairway Woods Club?

If you are unsure whether your fairway wood stance is perfect or not, monitor your shoulders.

According to renowned golfer Travis Fulton, the most prevalent alignment flaw among amateur players is opening the shoulders.

This alignment results in a steeper downswing, which might hinder solid contact.

A Common Fairway Woods Stance Error and How it Affects their Play

One error that almost every golfer has made with their fairway wood stance is playing the ball too far back.

This forces players to hit down and through the ball rather than hitting up and gaining the full distance on the shot. 

Performance-wise, fairway woods clubs are similar to driver clubs.

So, players who have mastered the stance of one find it easy to master the other.

Proper Stance for Irons

Iron clubs are the ideal club sets for beginner and amateur golfers. 

Its solid, big, flat, angled, and grooved iron head effortlessly pushes the ball towards the hole.

If you want to be consistent in getting the ball up in the air and making more extended and accurate strokes, you must master the proper stance for irons. 

Here is a step-by-step procedure to achieve the perfect iron stance:

Step 1: Stand at the Right Spot

If you are playing with middle irons, your feet should be shoulder-width (from the shoulders to the inside of the heels). 

In the case of short irons, your feet should have a 2 inch smaller stance.

Conversely, your feet should have a 2 inch broader stance with longer irons.

Stand at the Right Spot

Step 2: Ball Placement

If you are playing with short irons, you should place the ball in the center of your stance. 

With middle irons, right-handed players should place their ball a little to the left of the center.

On the other hand, the correct ball position for the long irons is two balls left from the center. 

Notice that the ball placement is the same for long irons and fairway woods clubs.

For left-handed players, the left-right directions would reverse.

Step 3: Maintain Your Balance

Swing Smooth

While playing with iron clubs, you should put your weight on the balls of your feet.

In simpler terms, balance your weight on the area of your feet that attaches your toes to the rest of the foot to achieve the proper stance.

Weight on balls of Feet

Step 4: Align Yourself to the Golf Setup

In the case of iron clubs, your body should be parallel to the target line.

If you have observed a right-handed golfer playing their irons, you might have noticed them standing a little left of the target.

Don’t worry; this is an optical illusion; their feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders, and eyes parallel the target.

Align Yourself to the Golf Setup

Step 5: Maintain the Proper Posture

Coming to the posture, you should keep your knees slightly flexed, and your back leg should be cocked inwards to the target. 

This allows you to stabilize yourself on this leg during the backswing, keeping your lower body from swaying.

How to Ensure that You Have Maintained the Proper Stance for an Iron Club?


You can quickly determine whether you are keeping the proper stance by going through the aforementioned directions. 

Pay close consideration to the size of the iron club you are using to get into the correct position.

A Common Iron Stance Error and How it Affects their Play

The most challenging aspect of iron clubs is appropriately positioning the ball.

Even a slight forward or backward movement of the ball might result in a thin or fat shot.

You can experiment with various ball placements or follow our instructions to achieve the perfect shot.

4 Easy Steps to a Proper Golf Stance for Wedges

Wedges are ideal for your short game. Golfers use them to get out of difficult situations half the time.

However, wedges are different from irons or woods in that they have a flatter, broader sole.

They are also shorter, lighter, and smaller in size. 

Wedges are ideal for short approaches, sand strokes, pitch shots, and other shots where you don’t want your ball up in the air for long.

Step 1: Keep the Optimum Distance Between your Feet

Wedges are the narrowest of all stances. 

When playing with wedges, make sure that your feet are a little narrower than your shoulder.

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and move your feet in by one or two inches to achieve the ideal stance.

Distance Between your Feet

Step 2: Ball Placement

To make full use of your stance, you should place your ball precisely between your feet.

ball precisely between feet

Step 3: Swing at a Steep Angle

Wedges clubs have the most upright lie angles to hit the ball so that it rises and falls quickly. 

So, you should always swing your club at a steep angle after taking a divot in front of the ball.

Swing at a Steep Angle

Step 4: Maintain Your Posture

When aiming for a short approach shot, your spine should tilt to the side slightly away from the target. 

Other than that, you should keep your target-side hip and shoulder comparatively higher than your hip and shoulder on the rear side.

How to Ensure that You Have Maintained the Proper Stance for a Wedges Club?

To make sure that your stance is proper for the wedges club, you should mark a target and practice hitting inside of it.

The wedge stance is a bit more creative than irons and drivers. 

So, you should experiment and find a comfortable and not necessarily technically correct stance.

A Common Wedges Stance Error and How it Affects their Play

When playing with wedges, golfers make the blunder of placing the ball too far back in the stance. 

What this does is that it causes the players to hit the ball too soon, resulting in some reasonably terrible miss shots.

To avoid this, a golfer’s best bet is to take a narrower stance and play the ball closer to the center. 

Wedge shots are best played from the middle of the stance with narrow feet.

5 Easy Steps to a Proper Stance for Putters

Well you are on the green and the ball is only a short distance away from the hole, and you want it put in the hole, a putter will help you make the short and low-speed strokes.

But how to master the stance of putters? Follow these steps to make sure you

Step 1: Set your Feet in the Right Position

When playing with a putter, you should place your feet wider than your shoulder width. 

To achieve this position, stand with your legs should width apart and move each foot a few inches away from each other.

Step 2: Place your Ball at the Right Spot

Feet in the Right Position

To make sure your arrow hits the target or your ball goes into the hole, in this case, you should place your ball right in the center of your stance.

Ball at the Right Spot

Step 3: Distribute your Weight

Unlike the driver club, you have to distribute your weight equally between your legs. This way, you would have a better balance and increased stability.

Step 4: Check your Alignment

The proper alignment is essential for putting success. 

You’ll find yourself tugging or pushing putts just outside the hole if your alignment is even slightly wrong.

You should maintain a square shoulder line with your target line. 

A cross-handed golf swing and your ball would be in the hole in no time!

maintain a square shoulder

Step 5: Practice on Your Grip

Remember, you don’t want to choke your putter!

Don’t hold it too tight, or you will exert excess pressure on your ball.

Similarly, you don’t want an extra-light grip; else, your ball will slide in an unintended direction.

Practice on Your Grip

How to Ensure that You Have Maintained the Proper Stance for a Putter Club?

You can practice your putting stance by standing close to the green and attempting to put the ball inside the hole. 

Keep all the other factors consistent and see how many putts you make with every stance.

A Common Putter Stance Error and How it Affects their Play

Golfers tend to grip their clubs too tight, thinking that it would give them better control over the ball. 

However, it exerts excess pressure on the ball, and it usually ends up in the air.


Maintaining the proper stance for each club can be intimidating. 

But with sheer dedication and constant practice, you will get the hang of it!

Choosing the proper golf stance for each can make or break your shot. 

Having the appropriate alignment, grip, and feet placement are essential for improving your golf game.

So, go through this guide on maintaining the proper stance for each club and watch your scoreboard thank you in the next tournament. 

Happy stance-practicing!