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How to Organize a Golf Bag

How to Organize a Golf Bag -
Tips and Tricks From Pros

Understanding how to organize a golf bag sounds tricky. 

The bag is huge, and if you look at pros with their tour bags, you can expect them to carry at least 10-12 lbs in bags alone!

Yes, this is without including the weight of golf clubs and balls. If you’re a novice player, this sounds like a huge weight – and truth be told, this is a lot.

Not just that, but with such large bags, keeping everything organized sounds like an impossible task! 

Luckily, with just a few tips and tricks, you can learn how to organize a golf bag without any problems

Here’s what we’ve learned:

How to Organize a Golf Bag?

There isn’t a set-in-stone way how a golf bag can be set up. 

However, having all items placed in such a way that everything is easily accessible can keep you from wasting your precious time searching for a proper club or a ball.

As such, learning how to organize a golf ball can be of huge help. 

Although it might not be a game-changer, it can certainly make you feel calmer and more certain in your play on the green.

Before we get started, here are a few things that will help you with your organization:

Assuming you already know the necessary equipment for playing golf, there are a few things you should learn about golf bags beforehand.

Are All Golf Bags the Same Size?

The first thing you might’ve noticed is that not all golf bags come in the same dimensions. 

This is no surprise, as every golf player chooses a bag according to their preferences. 

As such, it’s impossible to say which bag is the right size.

Still, some standards have to be respected no matter the type of golf bag you choose. In fact, there are three types of golf bags:

In general, all three types of bags need to be tall enough for you to place all your items and close it. 

In general, most equipment rules state that the club length shouldn’t be taller than 48 inches or shorter than 18 inches. 

This puts the median length at around 38 inches.

As such, most golf bags have a height of around 50 inches. 

Of course, this might depend on the type and size of the club you’re having, but to be fair, chances are your club will never surpass this length.

As for the diameter, it’s usually around 10 inches. 

This is the estimated diameter that’s enough for you to place all your items in without it becoming too crowded.

Also, it’s important to note that junior golf bag sizes will usually be different than standard bag sizes. 

Of course, the main reason behind this is convenience.

And if you wonder “What size bag do I need?”, the best advice is to pack only the essential items and see if they fit. 

If they do, you’ll easily add more as you go along.

Golf Bag Pockets Explained

Next, if you look at golf bags, you’ll likely notice that they have partitions. 

These partitions will likely be in the name of the bag. 

For example, you might have a 4-way golf bag – this means that it comes with dividers that allow the bag to have four pockets.

Only a few bags will have 2 pockets. 

This is generally considered to be a too-small number for most players – even though there certainly are players who enjoy this type of bag.

Many bags have a 4-way divider, which means they have four pockets. 

In fact, 4-way and 5-way bags are standard for many players. 

Still, you can find bags with much more dividers – the best example is the 14-way divider, something many players prefer.

But, what does this mean for a player?

How to Organize a Golf Bag According to Number of Pockets

In general, no matter the number of dividers and pockets, the most important rules are consistent. 

The main one is: The longest club should always sit closest to the bag’s spine. Then, you should move downwards to the clubs that are shorter and shorter.

While this might seem as if it’s challenging to see all the clubs and the other things you’ve packed, the advantages of this method overweigh the disadvantages by a mile.

Following this rule, here’s how to organize a golf bag depending on the number of the slots inside the bag:

Organizing a 4-Slot Golf Bag

How to organize a golf bag

4-slot bags are rarely used by professionals, but they are loved by novice players. They are lightweight and convenient to use. 

You can pack them without too much hassle, and there aren’t that many compartments you need to think about.

A 4-slot golf bag should be organized following the rule we’ve previously mentioned: The clubs should be arranged in adequate departments depending on their length.

The longest clubs should be on the back part of the bag so that it is easier to the club heads. 

It’s followed by hybrids, irons, wedges, and finally, the putter. 

This is the order in which you should arrange them. 

However, as this type of bag only has 4 slots, this means you don’t have to follow a strict order, which is why it’s the easiest one to pack.

In general, this is how most people arrange such a bag:

Another reason why you might prefer such a small bag is if you’re required to walk the whole length of the golf course. 

If you have a smaller bag, you’ll feel more comfortable and you won’t get tired as quickly as you would if you were to carry a 14-slot bag or even a 6-slot bag.

However, if you’re planning on carrying an entire golf set, you might be better off with a larger bag.

Organizing a 6-Slot Golf Bag

6-slot organize golf bag

6-slots are still too small according to many, but they are an excellent choice if you don’t really see the purpose of buying a full 14-slot bag.

In fact, 6 slots are everything you need to ensure your long-game golf clubs are separated from the short-game golf clubs, and the irons can stand in the between. 

In fact, this is the best way how to organize a golf bag with six slots.

In short, you should place your driver and 3 wood at the top. 

Then, the other woods and the hybrids should go to the next two slots. 

Irons should be kept in the middle compartments. Finally, the wedges and the putter go to the bottom.

There are many reasons why some players prefer this type of bag. This includes:

Still, if you’re someone who prefers to carry more clubs to the green, a larger bag might be a better choice for you.

Organizing an 8-Slot Golf Bag

8-slot organize golf bag

An 8-slot bag gives you more space compared to previous bags, but your clubs will still have to share some slots.

The arranging process stays the same – the clubs should be placed from the longest to the shortest. 

This means that the driver and the woods should go on top, followed by hybrids and irons, and finally the wedge.

As for the putter – the 8-slot bag has a special slot just for it.

Most players prefer to organize their 8-slot bag in this manner:

While this is a much better choice than the previous bags, it still might be a bit inconvenient if you’re carrying a full golf club set. 

For such occasions, a 14-slot golf bag would be a much better option.

However, if you’re planning on playing a game that includes lots of walking on the green, and you can get by without carrying the full set, the 8-slot bag is an amazing choice.

Organizing a 14-Slot Golf Bag

How to organize a golf bag

Many players find a 14-slot bag the most convenient type of bag, as it allows the player to place each golf club in its own slot. 

This also means it’s the easiest one to organize. 

Still, this doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some rules.

The longest club – the driver – should go to the top right slot. 

Then, going to the left, you should place your hybrids, then irons, and finally, the wedges and the putter.

Some players like to place the large wood or the driver in the bottom or even the middle slot. 

However, this makes it challenging to take out any club located around it. 

Because of this, most players would advise you to always follow this rule of thumb.

Not just that, but if you place the driver in the top right corner, you’re keeping it from clashing with the irons, which might damage it in the process.

Next, you should place the driving irons and irons. 

Look at the loft angles, then arrange them in ascending order. 

The lowest loft goes in the bottom, and the 4-iron should be the first one.

The same should be done with the wedges. 

In general, you should place the pitching wedge first, followed by the gap wedge, then the sand wedge, and, finally, the lob wedge.

As for the putter – a 14-slot golf bag has a perfect solution! 

It has an entirely separate putter well that you can place your putter in without a hassle. 

This is similar to the 8-slot golf bag, even though the position of this slot can be a bit different.

Most of the time, 14-slot bags are cart bags. 

Unfortunately, this also means they are more expensive. 

As such, they are usually sued by professional golfers.

How to Store Other Golf Essentials

You’ve got the answer to the burning question of ‘How should I organize my golf clubs in my bag?

 But what about other essentials, such as balls and apparel?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about these additional items! 

Here are a few general rules on how you might want to arrange them:

Golf Balls

All good golf bags should have pockets for golf balls that should be fit for standard ball dimensions

Yes, this means you should never put extra golf balls into slots intended for a golf club.

 The reasons for this should be obvious, but we’ll mention them:


Next to a pocket for a golf ball, a good bag should also have a pocket for golf apparel – or even more than one. 

This way, you can simply fold your apparel and store it adequately.

Remember to neatly fold all your clothes. 

This will help you save space and it will ensure everything is well protected.

Disclaimer: These pockets are usually intended for clothes only. 

This means you should put anything else in them – not even gloves.

 Otherwise, you’re risking losing an essential item or damaging your property – or even the bag itself.


When it comes to accessories, this is where you should try to adapt to the number of pockets available for you. 

Usually, this comes down to the type of bag you have. 

A cart bag will have much more space than a carry bag, so storing accessories in this type of bag should be no problem whatsoever.

Most bags come with a valuables pocket. 

However, this pocket is usually just the right size for your phone, wallet, car keys, and wallet. 

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be other pockets available.

Once again, it’s important to mention that the club spots are not a place for your accessories.


A golf game can last for a while. 

You’ll likely need to have a drink or a few during this time, which is why it’s important to have a water bottle or other refreshments in the insulated pocket of the bag.

The best option is to pick a bag with an insulated cooler pocket. 

Such pockets will keep your beverages cold even during warm, summer days.

Not just that, but you can place your chocolate or energy bars inside, as well! 

This pocket is great for anything that needs to be kept cool.

If you’re lucky, your bag might even have a water bottle holder! Just don’t forget to make sure your bottle is properly closed. 

Otherwise, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

Other Items

Many golf bags also have additional clips and pockets for other golf gear items such as a golf ball cleaner, a membership tag, a windproof brolly, or an umbrella.

While these clips aren’t necessary, they don’t take too much space or materials, so most brands ensure their bags have them.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t take a pro to keep a golf bag organized like one. 

As such, playing golf without knowing how to keep a well-organized golf bag like a pro would be a shame.

There is a reason why professionals swear upon this way of bag organization.

While you should arrange everything to be comfortable for you to play golf, you’ll probably find that these organizing tips are universally good, no matter the type of game you like to play.

Of course, feel free to experiment and find a setting that will work the best for your individual type of game.